Singer XL-550 Futura Sewing Machine Review

Singer XL-550 Futura

The Singer XL-550 Futura was designed for people who love to sew. The machine combines a large variety of sewing stitches with virtually unlimited embroidery designs and automated features to help users get the perfect results from any project they tackle. The features of the sewing machine allow sewers to craft fashion items, personalize them with monograms, quilt fabrics, and add decorative detailing to any project for professional looking results that are always unique.


SwiftSmart Threading System

One of the biggest complaints buyers have when they purchase a new sewing machine is the difficulty in learning how to thread it. The SwiftSmart threading system and automatic needle threader save time and frustration by simplifying the entire threading process.

Variety of Built-In Sewing Stitches

The Futura comes with 215 built-in stitches so sewers can find the perfect stitch for every project.

Automatic 1-Step Buttonholes

The sewing machine comes with 6 fully automatic 1-step buttonholes built in. Both sides of the buttonholes are sewn in the same direction to create a smooth, uniform stitch. The machine also features and Endless Button Hole.

Multiple Built-In Embroidery Designs

With 125 built-in embroidery designs, there is nothing getting in the way of creativity! Automated features make creating monograms and details virtually error-proof.

Separate Bobbin Winding Motor

The capacity to wind a bobbin while sewing is a great time saver that lets users keep sewing instead of stopping to wind a new bobbin.

Singer XL-550 Futura

StayBright™ LED Lights

The Singer XL-400 has 6 StayBright™ LED lights to illuminate the entire sewing surface to make it easier to view stitches and prevent eye strain.

Speed Control

The speed can be easily adjusted on the front of the machine for better control over the precision of the stitches and the speed with which a project is completed.

Two Built-In Spool Pins

The machine features horizontal and vertical thread delivery for use during twin needle sewing, topstitching, and other types of specialty sewing.

Drop & Sew™ Bobbin System

Just drop the bobbin in and the automatic thread pick up does the rest. The bobbin is covered with a clear cover for monitoring of thread supply.

Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter

The presser foot has more room for sewing multiple layers and heavy fabrics such as quilts or craft projects.


The Singer XL-400 comes with two accessory trays, a large 10” x 6” and small 4” x 4” embroidery hoops, and bonus software that allows users to turn their own artwork, clipart, and logos into embroidery designs. The software CD includes installation software, AutoPunch™, HyperFont™ and AutoPunch to convert fonts on the PC into embroidery and allow editing of existing designs. Additional embroidery designs can be downloaded at


The Singer Futura has a number of automated features to make all types of sewing faster and easier. Sewers can edit all designs using their computer screen. Designs can be combined, monogrammed, made in custom colors, rotated, flipped, repeated, or resized for virtually unlimited options in design. There is also a lettering program with 20 fonts which can be rotated and shaped using 30 lettering frames including arcs, waves, banners, and more. The sewing machine connects to a computer via USB cable for onscreen editing using the included Windows compatible software.


Some users find the machine difficult to use and the features hard to learn. Those who spend some time learning what the Futura has to offer find that the learning curve is worth the time investment to get great results.

Some buyers complain that they had difficulty accessing the built-in embroidery tutorials. The tutorials can be accessed by following these instructions:

> Open the software.

> Click on the Help tab at the top of the toolbar.

> Click on How-To Tutorial.

> Choose a category.

Customer Reviews

Many customers recommend becoming familiar with the features of the machine before sewing a real project. Most buyers felt they got a good value and absolutely loved the Singer machine once they became familiar with the features.


Most stores that carry the Singer XL-400 have it priced at over $1,500 but buyers can find the best prices at Amazon.


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