What Is the Best Embroidery Machine?

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The best embroidery machine for you will depend on your skill level and what you plan to use the machine for. A beginner who is looking for a budget friendly home machine will vary greatly from someone who has an embroidery business.

Take a look at the guides below for a specialised look at each different use and the top machine for it:


Just getting started with embroidery? Check out this article on the sorts of machines we recommend for those just starting out and what to look for.

Home business

If you own or are starting a home embroidery business, take a look at this article on the best machine for your unique needs with options for both commercial and home equipment.

In the hoop embroidery

Looking for the best "in the hoop" embroidery machines? We have a rundown of the best machines and their key features.

Home use

There are a lot of embroidery machines on the market for the home sewer, check out our table of the top machines available now. You can sort them by price, the embroidery area, rating and other important features you need to consider when making your choice.

Commercial/industrial/professional machines

If you're in business, you need a machine that can handle volume efficiently and precisely. Take a look at our table of currently available commercial machines that are all available online which means they can be shipped anywhere in the US.

Monogramming machines

If you want a machine specially for monogramming, whether for business or a hobby, essentially you need an embroidery machine but may like to look for more features specifically related to creating monograms. Take a look at our picks of the best one to suit your needs.

All of the sewing machines we recommend on Stitcher's Source are available to purchase online at Amazon.com. This is the top place we recommend to purchase a sewing machine online as they are a trusted e-commerce name which offers sewing machines at the best prices on both home/domestic and commercial equipment and ship all over the US.

Q&A with Alison

What Size Embroidery Machine Do I Need?

When it comes to the size of the embroidery machine, it’ll depend on what exactly you plan on embroidering with it. The main consideration will be the hoop size as that will determine how large your design will be able to be as you won’t be able to create a larger size. Hoop sizes start at about 4 by 4 inches and move up. If you’re planning on making very large designs, you’ll want to invest in a machine that offers a bigger hoop. The biggest hoops will be available on the more professional-grade machines.

What Machine Embroidery Thread is Best?

The key to finding the best machine embroidery thread is to focus on quality. Embroidery thread comes in metallic, cotton, polyester, rayon, and more. You can buy it in a variety of thicknesses and weights. The key is to find thread that is made well, and will not be as affected by age as lower quality materials. Good quality threads will not shred or break very much like lesser quality thread. Be sure to follow the directions on your machine and the design itself. Many designs will call for 40 weight thread. In the long run, bargain thread might not be as great a bargain if your design looks poorly quickly after being put into use.

Which Embroidery Machine has the Largest Hoop?

A professional-grade embroidery machine will offer the largest hoops available on the market. If you’re looking for a home machine that is more affordable than one of the professional-grade machines, Singer offers the XL400. This machine allows you to sew and create embroidery projects. The hoop on this machine will allow you to create designs that are 12 by 20 inches. Some machines, like the Berninas, allow for you to put in a larger hoop on the machine to customize it for larger designs.

What Embroidery Machine is Best for Hats?

If you’re looking to embroider hats, the best machines to consider for this type of project are single head, multi-needle machines. These offer a more open area to allow you to put your cap inside. Some even allow you to use a special accessory called a cap frame that will allow to embroider on baseball caps with minimum issue. If you’re looking to only embroider baseball hats and no other projects, it may be worthwhile to find a machine that offers the special cap frame.

What Embroidery Machine is Mac Compatible?

People love their Mac computers, but sometimes they find that they aren’t compatible with every program that they like to use. The same is true with a lot of the embroidery machines available on the market today. One place to look if you want to use your Mac for your designs is with Brother. Brother offers MacBroidery Software that will allow you to create your designs using your Mac computer. There are some other software types available that will allow you to use your Mac in addition to Brother’s software. Keep in mind, these often need to be purchased separately from your machine. There are some machines that doesn’t require to be hooked up to a computer as they can run independent of a computer, which could be useful for a Mac user.

What Brand of Embroidery Machine is the Best?

The majority of brand name embroidery machines are all top quality. Singer, Brother, Janome, and Bernina are all names that are well-known for producing great sewing and embroidery machines. Often, it comes down to personal preference for what machine is best. Consider the fact that these brands often have a wide variety of models to choose from in addition to competing with each other for who is best. Check out the user reviews for the particular models that offer the features you’re looking for to determine the best brand and model for you.

What Machine Embroidery Needle to Use?

When it comes to machine embroidery needles, the smaller the size, the more accurate the stitch. The best size is 70 to 80. The key to finding the right needle will also depend on the fabric that you’re using for the project. The perfect needle will go through the fabric without damaging it or the thread along with the needle not flexing too much. Also, be sure to change out your needles when they start to show any signs of wear and not just when they break. This will improve how well the needle will stitch your design.

How Much are Embroidery Machines?

The cost of embroidery machines are dependent on the type of machine that you’re looking to buy when it comes to the size and amount of embroidery that you’re planning on doing with it. You can find smaller embroidery machines for small home projects and crafts at just a couple hundred dollars. These machines aren’t going to offer the same quality designs as the more expensive machines, but are good enough if you’re looking to decorate a bib for a new arrival to your family or other smaller projects. The more quality and speed that you’re looking to get from your embroidery machine will up the cost of it. There are professional-grade embroidery machines available on the market for over 20,000 dollars that are more suitable if you’re looking to create an embroidery empire.