What Is the Best Home Embroidery Machine?

There are a lot of embroidery sewing machines on the market these days for the home sewer, each with different features, accessories and price points to suit different budgets. This page is for the all-around best choices in home embroidery machines. We also have reviews for the best embroidery machine for beginners and the easiest embroidery machines to use.

Quick Recommendation

A consistent performer across many categories of embroidery, the Brother PE-770 is our top pick in embroidery machines overall.

To help you choose the best one for your needs, we've compared the top rated machines currently available based on reviews from real users. Using the arrows at the top of each column you can sort the machines based on price and other important features. For an explanation of each column, take a look at the key at the bottom of the table.

To find out more about a machine or to purchase it online, simply click on the picture of the machine you are interested in.

Best Embroidery Machines for Home Use Comparison

Embroidery machineEmbroidery & Sewing?Max Embroidery AreaConnectivityPriceRatingDesign Editing?Built-in Memory# Built-in Designs

Brother SE400 Embroidery Machine
Yes4" x 4"USB cable$4.6NoNo70

Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine
Embroidery only5" x 7"USB port and memory card slot$$4.5YesYes136

Singer Futura XL-550 Embroidery Machine
Yes12" x 20"Memory card$$$$4.8YesYes125

Janome 350E Embroidery Machine
Embroidery only5.5" x 7.9"USB port$$$$4.2YesYes100

Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine
Embroidery only4" x 4"USB cable$4.4NoNo70


Price - As prices can change to retailer sales and promotions, the exact price hasn't been included.
$ = $0-$500
$$ = $501-$1000
$$$ = $1001-$1500
$$$$ = $1501-$2000
$$$$$ = $2001 +

Embroidery only or sewing and embroidery
Embroidery only - the machine is specialised for embroidery only
Embroidery and sewing - the machine is both a sewing and embroidery machine

Max embroidery area - The maximum area the machine can embroider on

Connectivity - This is how the machine can be connected to other devices, usually for the purpose of importing embroidery designs, fonts etc.

Rating - the average user rating by people who own the machine on Amazon.com

Design editing - Denotes if the machine is capable of completing simple tasks like reducing or increasing the size of a design, mirroring or rotating the image etc. without the need to connect to another device. The onboard design editing features may include only one of these capabalities or a lot more not mentioned, so check out the actual specifications of a machine by clicking on it's image to see more detail about what exactly it is capable of.

Built in memory - Built in memory on an embroidery machine allows you to save custom edited or imported designs directly on the machine.

# Built in designs - This is the number of designs that are already loaded onto the machine.

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What to Look for When Shopping for Embroidery Machines

Picking the perfect embroidery machine isn't only important from a technical perspective, because can also be considered as a form of investment. If you're one of those who doesn't know what embroidery machine they're going to pick from the store, allow us to help you with that as we present some of the useful tips when it comes to buying an embroidery machine.

1. Look for the Best Brands

The most important aspect when it comes to choosing the best embroidery machine is being familiar with the best brands available in the market. Make it a habit to check the manufacturer's forums and blogs to get a feel of customer satisfaction. If possible, try to look for a dealer that specializes with customer support, because this would give you the confidence that you'll be happy with your purchase.

2. Check the Throat Width

Some latest models have throat widths that rival traditional embroidery machines because the former offers more room for the user to move around, and it also allows the use of bigger hoops. Not just that, it's also perfect for quilting of any kind of fabric.

3. What Kind of Support Is Available?

When it comes to picking an embroidery machine, it's very important to check if there's a machine dealer that supports the brand of your machine within the area. These people can help you use the machine with ease, service it, and get the supplies you need.

4. Is the Embroidery Unit Separate From the Sewing Machine?

A lot of embroiders prefer this, because an embroidery unit that can be separated from the sewing machine means that you are allowed to quilt and embroider. It's also a practical way for those who are thinking of getting a sewing machine, because this model would allow them to add embroidery capabilities whenever they're ready.

5. Ways to Get the Embroidery Designs

Would there be a need for additional software or hardware just to use the designs from the Internet and into your machine? Likewise, how are you going to transfer the designs from your laptop to your embroidery machine?

6. The Embroidery Format the Machine Uses

Embroidery designs come in various formats for the different brands of sewing machine. As a buyer, it's very important to make it a point that the format your brand uses is widely available in your place. If it's not, then you would have to check what software can be used as an alternative.

7. The Services and Warranty of the Embroidery Machine

Generally, most embroidery dealers have trained technicians on site, and these professionals would be available right when you need your machine to be serviced or cleaned. As much as possible, see to it that the embroidery machine you're going to purchase belongs to the brand that dealers would be willing service.

Final Words

No doubt, embroidery machines are really capable of producing remarkable results, but in order to get a good one, you should be willing to invest in it. The tips discussed above can help you find the right embroidery machine for you.


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