Where to Buy Quilting Supplies: Best Buys and Unique Ideas for Batting, Fabrics, Quilt Kits and More!

Any job is only as good as the tools you use to execute it and this is just as true for quilting as it is for any other type of craft. The obvious choice is to go to your local fabric store and shop from what they have available. While this is a good option for those times when you run out of staples like thread or needles and you need them today, there is a lot more to choose from online. Whether you are looking for the biggest savings, an easier way to put together a quilt, or something new, almost anything can be found online if you know where to look to buy quilting supplies.

Basic Quilting SuppliesCreate for Less  offers a variety of quilting supplies in top brands and at low prices. Orders over $50 ship for free so you don’t end up paying even more. Stock up on supplies you use regularly to reach the free shipping minimum and have materials on-hand when you need them again.

Quilt Kits – Sewing with quilt kits offers a number of advantages. Quilt pieces are already cut and matched for the particular pattern, saving the quilter a lot of time and reducing the risk of error. Most kits include everything other than the backing fabric and the batting and they provide visual step-by-step instructions for completing the pattern. Craftsy.com is a great resource for quilt kits in a wide variety of patterns and colors.

Fabric – Fabric is one of the trickiest materials to buy online. Without being able to see it in person, it can be difficult to determine whether a shade matches another fabric or if the weight is right for the project you are working on. ​Quilt Fabric Closeouts carries quilt fabric closeouts of high-quality cotton fabrics from leading manufacturers in the quilting industry. You can shop for fabric by brand, color, or collection so you can coordinate patterns and solids or purchase fabrics that are made to use together without sacrificing quality. The online fabric store strives to offer low prices and they offer free shipping on orders over $39 to U.S. destinations.

Quilting fabric doesn’t have to be new off the bolt. It only needs to be in good condition. Using clothing for quilt pieces is a great way to create a memorial quilt or just to add sentimental value through past experiences. There are no rules for what pieces of clothing to use or how to put them into your quilt. Combine old jeans, t-shirts, neckties, dress shirts, and even the logos from favorite baseball caps.

Moms often enjoy making quilts from the clothes their children wore when they were younger as a way of preserving their childhood. Not only does old clothing become useable again; but every quilt will have more meaning than it would if you bought all new fabric.

Shopping for Less

The best way to get the lowest prices on quilting supplies is to buy ahead when they offered at sale prices or in bulk online when it cuts out the shipping costs. Keep items like quilting thread, rulers, batting, and other staples that you use regularly in good supply,  and you will be able to be more selective about what you buy and how much you have to pay. This way, you always get the quality products you want without paying more than you have to.


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