Where to Find Online Sewing Classes and In-Person Clinics

One thing that new crafters have in common is that they are always on the lookout for the next great project. The only real challenges they face are in learning the techniques and finding the resources they need to pursue the projects of their choice. Crafters of all kinds have found that Craftsy.com is a valuable resource for education, supplies, and an endless variety of project ideas. With more than 1,000 online sewing classes, they make it possible for crafters in all areas and at all skill levels to learn more techniques and tackle new projects with confidence.

More than ever, crafters who are interested in learning more about sewing are looking beyond their local fabric store for patterns and fabrics. Learning new skills allows them to take on sewing projects that have more value to them. Without the instruction needed to advance, they can never accomplish the things they have in mind with professional results. Online sewing classes make it easy for sewers in any location to get the instruction they need at an affordable price.

Some of the Online Classes Offered on Craftsy.com:

Online Sewing Classes

· Smart Techniques for Fabulous Fabrics: Velvets, Sheers & More – Nothing is more challenging to new sewers than working with specialty fabrics. This course is designed to give you confidence when working with velvet, metallics, silks and more. The course includes 5 streaming HD video lessons, close-up instruction, printable class resources, and a question-answering session. A real must-have for sewing formals!

Online Sewing Classes

· Patternmaking Basics: Slopers – This is actually a serious of courses in which students can learn to make bodice, pants, skirt, or dress slopers. Slopers are basic patterns that professionals use to design and fit multiple garments to the same person or a particular size. Slopers are often made of muslin or other similar fabrics to use as a permanent pattern by an individual so that new patterns do not have to be purchased and fitted.

· Sewing Bras Construction & Fit – This course is by expert instructor Beverly Johnson and it covers everything you need to know to make the perfect bra from selecting the right fabrics to taking accurate measurements for a custom fit. The course comes with 7 streaming HD video lessons, close-up instruction, downloadable resources, and a question-answering session from the class instructor. The course costs about the same as you would pay for a single good-quality bra and the entire projects can be sewn on a standard sewing machine.

· The Costume Box – Dressing up in costumes is a great way for kids to spark their imagination. Learning to make costumes from low-cost materials gives you more options for expanding their dress-up wardrobe and their imagination. This course uses simple designs and includes 14 streaming HD video lessons, close-up instruction, a question-answering session from class instructor Anne Weil, and class materials including recipes.

· Mastering in Minutes: Zippers – If you are going to sew clothing, there is just no getting around the need to master zippers. This course offers foolproof methods for installing all types of zippers and it even offers direct interaction with course instructor Callie Works-Leary if you have questions.

· Quilting with Rulers on a Home Machine – If you love the idea of machine quilting but aren’t ready to invest in a quilting machine, this class will guide you through an innovative technique that uses rulers and templates to get amazing results.

There are so many courses online at Craftsy.com that it is difficult not to find what you are looking for! Courses for sewers and quilters include those that cover specific techniques, using specialty feet, making fashionable garments, crafts, and a whole lot more.

Local Sewing Courses

If you prefer to learn using a hands-on approach, in-person sewing classes might be the best choice for you. Check with local arts and crafts stores to see if they are offering courses. If they have a bulletin board, check for information from private instructors. Another place to check is the local library. Many libraries have affiliations with arts and crafts clubs and they may sponsor sewing courses.

If online courses are your only alternative, consider any of those offered by Craftsy.com that have close-up instruction and HD video lessons that are the next best thing to being there in person.


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